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Motorcycle Accidents

“Knees in the breeze.”

“Go Your Own Way”

“Ride to Live, Live to Ride”

Freedom, bikes, and the road – that is America.

The legal team at Altizer Law, P.C., understand motorcyclists who enjoy and are passionate for the freedoms of the open highway.

We also understand the unique nature of lessened protections and reduced visibility for the Virginia motorcyclist.  In today’s society with decreased attention on the highway due to cell phone usage, texting, and drinking and driving, motorcyclists are more at risk due to drivers simply not paying attention to their driving.

The Virginia motorcyclist is at a higher risk on the highway, and because of that Virginia Motorcyclists need lawyers who get it — who understand the values of riding motorcycles and who will advocate for their rights should they be injured by the carelessness of another driver.

Virginia Motorcyclists Have Rights!!

You have the same right as every other motorist to full and fair compensation if you were injured by the fault of another driver.  You should not have to suffer from the prejudice and bias that some may have against motorcyclists.  Insurance companies will surely attempt to exploit that prejudice and bias.  We will make sure that you are treated fairly and receive the entire compensation you deserve under Virginia law.

If you have been seriously injured or if a loved one has been killed in a motorcycle accident, please contact us at Altizer Law, P.C., or call us today 540-345-2000 today to schedule a free case evaluation. Our main office is in Roanoke, but we represent people who have suffered injuries in motorcycle wrecks throughout Virginia. If you cannot come to us, we will come to you.

Common Injuries of Motorcyclists

When you go down, it will hurt…period. Catastrophic injuries in motorcycle wrecks are devastating and not uncommon. Common injuries can include loss of limb, brain injury, severe road rash, broken pelvis and limbs, spinal cord injuries, and internal injuries.

As a result of such devastating injuries, the motorcyclist may need long-term care, be out of work for a long time, and his or her life can be altered.

We are experienced and skilled at assessing all of those serious, long-term harms and losses that a motorcyclist may face.

If you take your final ride, we can represent your family members to make sure they are looked after in cases of your wrongful death – and also to make sure that the other driver is held accountable for his or her violation of our law and for making this your last ride.

Resources for the Motorcyclist

Educational Materials

Motorcycle Safety Foundation – Motorcycle Operator Manual (download) website

Motorcycle License in Virginia

Getting your motorcycle drivers license in Virginia

Virginia Rider Training Program

Virginia Rider Training Program

Motorcycle Safety Center of Virginia

Motorcycle Safety Center

Rider Safety Program in the Roanoke Valley

Motorcycle Rider Safety Course

Motorcycle School – Private Training

Motorcycle Riding Concepts


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