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Why You Need an Auto Accident Attorney After a Crash

Many people who do not understand why you need an auto accident attorney after a crash try to handle recovery of damages. They typically end up with very little compensation or none. There are several very complex issues involved in auto accident crash injuries that most people are simply not competent to handle on their own. Attorneys, Why You Need an Auto Accident Attorney After a Crash -- Altizer Law, P.C.particularly those that specialize in auto accidents, know all of the relevant laws and the relevant cases that affect each incident.

Some of the more complex areas of auto accident injury cases include these:

  1. Filing a lawsuit.

 Filing suit after an accident that was not your fault must comply with a number of rules or laws.  In Virginia, the suit must be filed within a two-year period, for example. Each state also has other rules. In some states, for example, you must file a police report, and you must do so within a specific period of time after the accident.

  1. Determining all of the “damages” you are entitled to recover after the accident.

Most people understand that you can recover the costs associated with treating your injuries. Most people also understand that you are entitled to recover lost wages and an amount for your pain and suffering. But not everyone is aware of other damages you can recover, including future lost wages, and emotional distress resulting from the crash and from your injuries. Many people are not aware that in some cases your spouse and/or your children may also be entitled to recover damages for the effect of the crash and your injuries upon them (loss of companionship, care the spouse provides, and more. You need an auto accident attorney to help you understand the damages you are entitled to recover. You also need an auto accident attorney to help you to ensure that you do not do anything that will jeopardize your claims.

  1. Dealing with Insurance Companies.

Most people realize that the other driver’s insurance company is not on your side. It is in their best interest to achieve a settlement for the smallest possible financial compensation.  But you might need your attorney to ensure that your insurance company is doing their part to ensure that you receive the largest possible compensation. Occasionally, we encounter an insurance company that is trying to invest as little time (and cost) as possible to protect their own overhead. Auto accident attorneys know how to keep insurance companies involved. Further, in most auto accidents it is necessary to negotiate a number of matters with one or both of the insurance companies. Your attorney has the knowledge and experience to do this most effectively.

  1. Most auto accident cases require the plaintiff to prove liability of the other driver.

This can be fairly straightforward in many cases. In others, however, it is a very complex matter of researching anything that might have caused the defendant driver to make bad decision or to demonstrate a level of negligence that justifies a larger settlement. This may involve medical research, analysis of the track of each vehicle involved in the crash and what it says about liability. This may require a deep level of knowledge of other cases, related laws, and other citations.

  1. You need to understand the settlement options that are available to you and how your choices affect the total amount of the settlement and your life in the future.

Your auto accident attorney will be able to guide you and advise you about the reasonableness of offers from insurance companies and more. There are pros and cons of structured settlements that your attorney will help you to evaluate. Your attorney will guide you through the process of accepting a settlement or taking the case to court. An auto accident attorney will ensure at every point in the process that you understand that once you accept any offer, you lose the right to take further legal action.

  1. Proving a case in court (or prior to a settlement offer) can involve a good deal of specialized legal knowledge, as well as the finer points of proving culpability and demonstrating the financial value of your injuries.

This might include knowing which witnesses to call, or what questions to ask and how to ask them. It will also require a knowledge of the relative value of evidence and how to convince a jury that the defendant is liable for the crash and for your injuries.

These issues are examples of why you need an auto accident attorney after a crash. It is vital that you obtain an accident report from the police, that you get checked out at an ER or by your physician, and that you contact your attorney as soon as possible. There is information to gather, photos to take or obtain, and more

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