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Virginia and Gun Control – Virginia’s New Law on Concealed Weapons

Recently the NRA criticized Virginia on its revocation of concealed weapon permit recognition from other states. Our Attorney General Mark Herring stated that he did so because the laws in these other states were not sufficient to prevent someone who is disqualified under the Virginia standards and laws from receiving a concealed

Virginia Gun Control Law

photo courtesy of Flickr and WickedTV

handgun permit.

Virginia law does not permit felons, people with court-ordered treatment for mental health or substance abuse, people with restraining orders or protective orders, people convicted of or charged with stalking, and anyone convicted of or charged with assault or sexual battery to carry a concealed weapon.

The new Virginia law will go into effect February 1, 2016. Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan, Utah, and West Virginia, will meet Virginia’s qualification standards for carrying a concealed weapon.

The NRA called Virginia’s law dangerous and shameful.

However, Virginia chooses not to be at the mercy of other states’ weaker laws. Our Governor has recently called for universal background checks to eliminate so-called gun show loophole, which allows people in some states to buy guns without any background check.

The question is: Why are some against having consistent laws for all states as to who can carry a concealed weapon? Another question to consider is: what are the arguments, pro and con, for consistent background checks?