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Tractor Trailer Crash Leaves Motorcyclist Unable to Work

How does a tractor trailer crash that causes an apparently minor injury leave a motorcyclist unable to work? Sometimes apparently small injuries are quite complex and debilitating. In this case, the plaintiff’s injuries left him unable to work.Tractor Trailer Crash Leaves Motorcyclist Unable to Work - Altizer Law PC

The plaintiff in this case was a 54-year-old man who was riding his motorcycle. The defendant, driving a tractor-trailer, failed to yield the right of way, making a U-turn illegally in front of the plaintiff.

In the ensuing crash, the plaintiff suffered several injuries: a crush injury of the hand, a complex fracture of the middle finger of the right hand, and a fracture of the left fibula.

The fibula fracture caused thrombophlebitis which required treatment with blood thinners. This treatment will be necessary for the rest of his life. The fracture also left him dependent upon a cane in order to walk.

The fracture of the middle finger of the plaintiff’s right hand required surgical repair and reconstruction with a plate and screws. The fracture healed as well as could be expected. However, the injury and the steps necessary to repair it left the plaintiff permanently unable to make a fist. It also left him with a permanent loss of ability to grasp items with any strength.

When the tractor-trailer crash left the motorcyclist injured, the plaintiff was employed as a longshoreman. The nature and extent of his injuries prevented him from returning to his job because he was unable to perform the required tasks. The plaintiff’s orthopedic surgeon stated that either of the injuries sustained in the crash would prevent the plaintiff from obtaining work in any capacity.

The defendant argued that the plaintiff’s injuries were not sufficient to bar him from reasonable employment in the future.

The plaintiff’s past medical costs were calculated at $58, 402; past and future lost earnings at $1,132,000. The case was settled out of court in favor of the plaintiff for $1,180,000.

Absent some knowledge of the details of the plaintiff’s injuries in this tractor trailer crash with a motorcycle, or the actions necessary to repair those injuries, one could mistakenly believe that the injuries were minor. In this case, the testimony of the orthopedic surgeon was the needed proof of the severity of the injuries and their long-term effects.

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