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Stop Distracted Driving

We can save lives if we stop distracted driving. Investigating police officers identify distracted driving as the cause of an accident whenever possible. But this is not always possible. Most agencies believe that despite recent attention distracted driving remains under-reported as the cause of an accident. Hundreds of Americans die and thousands are seriously injured every year because of distracted drivers. Many people believe that most distracted drivers are teens. In Virginia in 2019, the age groups involved in the most distracted driving crashes are from 21 to 40 years of age.

Distracted Driving Apps - Altizer Law

Cellphone use while driving is certainly not the only behavior that causes distracted driving. It is, however, the one receiving the most attention and the one that can be externally controlled, if necessary.

Below is a list of free apps that can help you stop distracted driving and prevent your family members from driving distracted. Each app has a particular focus and may offer additional features. Some are intended for family use and another for business needs. We hope this list will help you find the right app for your needs.

Top Apps to Help Stop Distracted Driving

  • LifeSaver uses GPS monitoring and blocks the ability to use your phone while driving. It also uses a reward system to help drivers break bad habits. It automatically notifies loved ones when you have reached your destination safely.
  • AT&T DriveMode – This app blocks any phone call taking or texting while you are driving. It can be configured to engage automatically when vehicle speed exceeds 15 mph.
  • TrueMotion uses a rating scale (called a trip score) for your drive every time you get behind the wheel. This The app identifies when or where you might have been distracted. It can be used to compare driving scores, shows your specific location on a road in real time, and builds a trip history.
  • TextBuster locks down all texting, email and internet features when the car engine is running.
  • CellControl locks down the driver’s phone while allowing passengers to use their phones normally. It can be pre-programmed to prevent such behaviors as texting, taking selfies, using social media accounts, playing games, and more. It can also be set to monitor phone usage and determine if a teen is using a phone responsibly.
  • reads incoming emails and text messages aloud as they arrive. This prevents the need for the driver to look down at their phones. The app keeps you up to date while keeping your eyes on the road.
  • Live2Txt blocks incoming texts and calls while you are driving. Activate it when you start driving and you will stop incoming notifications, calls, and texts. When a message is received, the app notifies the sender that you are unable to respond at that moment.
  • DriveScribe blocks incoming calls and texts when the car is traveling at or above a preset speed. It also notifies the drivers that they are driving too fast.
  • TextLimit prevents specific features on a phone from working when the phone is moving above a preset speed. When the phone returns to the preset speed, it restores all features to complete functionality again.
  • Waze is a community-based traffic and navigation app. It was designed as a social navigation too for private vehicles. It is ideal for getting directions because it will not allow the driver to type or use it. The passenger must indicate that he or she is using the app.
  • Mojo incentivizes safe driving by tracking your trips and assigning you a Mojo score based on your swiping, typing, and talking activity. For every minute of safe driving, you will receive one point. When you earn 300 points and win a $5 gift card to Amazon, Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. It can also be used for driving competitions among friends.
  • Cell Control is designed for business owners who manage a fleet of vehicles to reduce the risk of distracted driving accidents. A “Drive Tag” is installed in each vehicle that connects to an app on the driver’s phone. This disables incoming calls, texts, and other features such as the camera, email, or Google while the vehicle is in motion. Administrators receive a notification if the device is removed or disabled.
  • DriveSmart alerts you of how well you drive and tracks your performance. If you have bad habits, (speeding), the app tells you how to correct them. It gives you smart coins for driving smart, which you can later redeem for rewards.
  • SafeDrive helps you stay focused on the road, allowing you to safely reach your destination. You can earn rewards for not texting and driving. Accumulated points can be used toward discounts at participating stores. It also tracks your speed, time spent in traffic, and distance traveled.
  • TrueMotion is a family-oriented app that tracks your whole family’s driving skills and safety. It sends alerts about where your family members are, how they got there, and specific driving behaviors (used phone, texted, sped, drove aggressively). All trips are graded on a 100 point scale.
  • ItCanWait uses virtual reality simulation to show you the real consequences of looking at your phone while driving.
  • OnMyWay eliminates the need to call or text friends or family to tell them when to expect you. One tap begins your trip to a destination. Friends can be invited to track your location and receive a notification when you arrive.
  • Lifesaver gives parents the ability to lock their child’s phone while the car is in motion. Once the
  • DownForTheCount rewards young drivers for safe driving by letting them create safe driving pledge campaigns that others (parents, friends, relatives) can sponsor. Once a pledge is approved, the safe driving campaign begins. It literally pays to drive safely.
  • Canary tracks a child’s actions when driving – phone usage, speed and location while driving. If a driver uses his or her phone while driving the app notifies the parent.
  • OneTap prohibits texting while driving. It also manages your texts and calls while you are driving. If someone sends you a text, the app will automatically respond to the person letting them know you are currently driving and unable to text back.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a distracted driver and through no fault of yourown, you may be entitled to claim financial compensation for your hurts and harms. When you need a compassionate but fierce advocate for your rights, call Altizer Law, P.C., in Roanoke VA. Bettina Altizer and her team of experts help people every day to demand the compensation they need to move forward with their lives. We understand that it’s about the money.