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Once you have made the decision to hire a personal injury attorney to represent you after a car crash, it is important for you to STAY IN TOUCH! Business Woman

You may receive treatment from multiple healthcare providers.  You may have changes in your condition.  You may feel as if the treatment that you are receiving is not helping you to heal.  You may not understand all the aspects of your automobile collision case and how your claim is being handled.

You can help your attorney to better take care of you if you make it a point to keep your attorney advised as to all the aspects of your personal injury case.  Do not hesitate to call your attorney if you have questions regarding your case.

Schedule an appointment to come in and discuss your case.  Make sure to let your attorney know about all of your medical treatment.  If you are receiving calls or notices about unpaid medical bills, let your attorney know.

The reason why you hired an attorney to represent you for your injuries from the car crash is because you needed someone to help you negotiate through this sometimes frustrating and confusing process.

So take advantage of your attorney’s skill and knowledge.  Know that she wants to protect and care for you while you recover from your injuries.  SO — keep in touch!