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Side-Impact Crash Causes Orthopedic and Facial Injuries

A side-impact crash occurring in an intersection of a divided highway caused orthopedic and facial injuries to a young woman who was on her way to the departure point of a hiking trip. The force of the side impact crash caused the plaintiff and her vehicle to crash into an embankment, as well.Side-Impact Crash Causes Facial and Orthopedic Injuries -- Altizer Law

The Plaintiff was admitted to a local hospital in “major trauma” after the crash. She was diagnosed with a Galeazzi fracture (of the wrist) and fractures of bones in her nose and fracture of the lateral tibial plateau of the right knee. Plaintiff also sustained a laceration of the eyelid.

The local hospital was considered insufficient to provide ongoing critical care indicated by the plaintiff’s injuries. She was transferred to a larger nearby hospital later on the same day. The hospital determined upon her arrival that immediate surgical attention was required.

On the day after the crash, an attempt was made by an orthopedic trauma surgeon to repair the radial fractures of the plaintiff’s wrist with an open reduction and internal fixation of the Galeazzi fracture.  While under anesthesia, a plastic surgeon repaired a tear to the levator eye muscle, repaired the eyelid tear, and removed debris that had become embedded in the plaintiff’s face. The plastic surgeon then addressed the damages to the nasal cavity and to the septal nasal fracture, the nasal airway obstruction and the nasal laceration. In a second orthopedic procedure, the plaintiff’s tibial fracture was repaired.

The plaintiff spent approximately two months in physical therapy. A later follow-up visit with the orthopedic surgeon revealed that the procedure performed on her knee was stable.

The plaintiff was restored to a full range of motion and to adequate mobility after the surgeries. She continued to suffer occasional dull pain in the affected areas, loss of sleep, and psychological injuries that required counseling.

The plaintiff’s attorney reviewed extensively the medical literature that projected the likely future medical expenses that were in the plaintiff’s future as a result of the injuries from the crash. The plaintiff’s medical expenses to that point were approximately $297,700. The plaintiff’s demand was for $900,000. The case was resolved in negotiation outside the court room and the plaintiff received a financial settlement of $950,000.

The plaintiff in this matter healed well and recovered mobility and range of motion. It is likely that she will experience some periods of pain in the future resulting from these injuries. It is also likely that she may need additional medical attention in the future. The research conducted by the plaintiff’s attorney was an important element in determination of likely future medical costs and in the negotiation of the settlement in this case.

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