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Side-Impact Auto Accident Causes TBI

In 2015 a side-impact auto accident caused one of the drivers to sustain a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The plaintiff, an attorney, was continuing along his way and entered an intersection on a green arrow. While in the intersection plaintiff’s vehicle was hit on the driver’s side in a side-impact auto accident when the defendant ran a Side-Impact Auto Accident Causes TBI - Altizer Lawred light. The defendant tried to claim contributory negligence on the part of the plaintiff.

Arising from the side-impact crash, the plaintiff reported a mild TBI, which he said caused him symptoms that prevented him for working as an attorney. These symptoms included memory loss, inability to understand information, inability to multi-task, and flat emotion.

During the trial, the defense disputed the claim of a permanent brain injury. The defense offered expert testimony by a neurologist and a neuropsychologist. The neurologist argued that there had been no head injury. The neuropsychologist testified that the plaintiff’s memory was exceptional for someone of his age. Defenses then claimed that the cognitive challenges suffered by the plaintiff were attributable to pre-existing medical conditions. These medical conditions included long-term severe sleep apnea, hypothyroidism, and diabetes. Defense also presented evidence that plaintiff had reported symptoms including ongoing fatigue and short term intermittent memory loss to his primary care physician prior to the accident.

The plaintiff also called a neurologist and a neuropsychologist as expert witnesses in support of his injury claims.

The defendant had a $25,000 insurance policy, which was tendered. Plaintiff had a policy for an additional $1,250,000, but the insurance company did not offer to resolve the case.

After a five-day trial, the jury deliberated for eight hours, and returned a verdict of $450,950.00 for the plaintiff.

Many accidents that occur in intersections result in side-impact crashes. Auto manufacturers have made great strides in making vehicles safer working with highway transportation safety agencies. Yet side-impact auto accidents often result in more serious injuries, such as TBI.

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