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Reasons to Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Virginia

Whether you enjoy riding your bike on the Blue Ridge Parkway or just around our beautiful roads in Southwest Virginia, you know how enjoyable and free riding a motorcycle can be. You also know just how dangerous it is every time you ride.  Sadly, Virginia motorcycle accidents and fatalities have been rising over recent years. Virginia had 107 motorcycle fatalities in 2017, the highest in a decade and a 50 percent increase from the previous year’s numbers.

If you have suffered injuries in a Roanoke VA motorcycle accident, you will need to partner with a trusted motorcycle injury lawyer right away. Why should you have to pay out of pocket for missed work and medical bills when you weren’t at fault?

Bike injuries often occur due to the carelessness of someone else, whether that’s another driver, road maintenance personnel, a problem with the bike itself or someone in charge of posting warning signs. Have you been hurt due to the fault of another? Your legal rights have been violated, which means you are entitled to have legal counsel so you can be awarded the financial compensation you deserve.

Reasons to Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Virginia

If you have experienced a motorcycle injury, you need a lawyer with a strong reputation behind you. Not sure if you need a motorcycle accident lawyer in Southwest Virginia? Here are the top reasons why you should.

Your Roanoke motorcycle injury attorney can…

1.      Provide Supporting Evidence

At first glance, an accident resulting in injury can involve a lot of back and forth on blame between parties, especially if you have many witnesses. But, to find the case in your favor, the court will need sufficient evidence to find the other party liable for damages. Your word and version of events is sometimes enough. You need proof, and you need to compile that proof in a compelling and organized way. The average person doesn’t have the resources or skill set to produce this evidence adequately.

And why should you? You’re not trained in law. Instead of putting on your detective cap, you should be focusing on healing and recovery, which is why you need a legal representative working day and night on your behalf to research, accumulate, compile and present all evidence needed to back up your claim. Your motorcycle injury lawyer in Roanoke VA has the time and resources to analyze the situation at hand, pinpoint the issues, talk with accident re-construction pros, meet with medical doctors about the extent of your injuries, and identify the person who is responsible. They are also skilled at extracting testimony from eye witnesses in order to build the strongest case possible.

2.      Ensure You’re Awarded Optimal Financial Compensation

The suffering you have gone through as a result of your motorcycle accident is not only traumatic emotionally, but physically as well, with extensive and painful injuries and subsequent surgeries likely. For example, if you have a spinal cord injury, paralysis can result, leading to years of rehabilitation. Those doctor and hospital visits aren’t cheap, and they will eat away at your savings faster than you think. And if you can’t work due to your injuries and don’t have insurance (and are the breadwinner of your family!), these costs are compounded. Such cases have been known to bankrupt innocent people who are not prepared to handle this kind of unexpected long-term financial commitment.

You will need a lot of money if you want to receive the medical support necessary for optimal healing, recovery and rehabilitation.

Your motorcycle accident lawyer in Southwest Virginia, with assistance from your team of physicians, can calculate the financial costs of your injuries, presenting bills, reports, statistics and other evidence to shore up your claim.

3.      Handle the Details

Like many personal injury cases, motorcycle accident injury cases, involve documentation, investigation, data collecting, dealing the insurance company, and many phone calls and emails to get to the desired results. While it does take skill and experience to navigate this landscape, in essence, it takes a lot of time – time you don’t have if you’re going to heal properly, attend your doctor visits, and take care of your family.

Why hassle yourself with these details? Your lawyer will fulfill all the legal formalities and provide guidance to you every step of the way. You don’t have to do anything unless and until it is absolutely essential.

In the end, a Roanoke motorcycle injury attorney plays a major role in helping you take back control of your life after a crash. You shouldn’t have to leave your financial future up to chance. Don’t you owe it to yourself to at least sit down for a consultation? It’s free, and it gives you peace of mind to know your options.

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