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Rear-View Mirrors with Limited Visibility

A woman was hurt while sitting on a loading dock when a truck was backing into the dock using rear-view mirrors. Her injuries resulted in a personal injury settlement of $225,000.

Limited visibility in rear of truck - Altizer Law PC

An experienced seasonal migrant worker was awaiting a ride home after working the night shift. She was sitting on a loading dock when a trucker was backing a truck up to that loading dock. The driver of the truck did not see plaintiff and the truck hit plaintiff’s foot. Several bones in the foot were broken and surgery was required to restore functionality to the foot.

The truck driver said that he could not see plaintiff when he looked in his rear-view mirror. He explained this in terms of where plaintiff was sitting and the configuration of the truck.

The truck driver contended that sitting on the loading dock and not moving out of the way when the truck began backing up constituted contributory negligence on the part of the plaintiff.

When reviewing plaintiff’s medical claims, there was a dispute about the need for additional surgery to the foot. Dispute also arose over the question of whether plaintiff had a valid claim for lost earning capacity.

Following the accident, the truck driver altered his truck to improve visibility behind the truck.

The case was settled in mediation, three weeks before the scheduled trial date. The plaintiff was awarded a settlement of $225,000, including $33,468 in medical expenses.


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