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October Product Recalls

The following is a list of products recalled due to safety hazards during the month of October. If you purchased any of these items, you can get additional information from the manufacturer or from the place where you purchased the product. Additional information is available from the U. S. Consumer oct-2016-product-recallsProducts Safety Commission

Kikkerland Design Recalls Teapots with Stands Due to Fire Hazard — The bamboo votive stand can catch fire, posing a fire hazard to consumers.

Fox Factory Recalls Mountain Bike Shock Absorbers Due to Fall and Injury Hazards — The bicycle’s rear shock absorber outer sleeve can rupture, allowing the sleeve to come in contact with other bicycle parts or the rider, posing a fall and injury hazard.

H-E-B Recalls Star Chairs Due to Fall Hazard — Weld defects can cause the armrest to detach from base, posing a fall hazard to consumers.

Hearth & Home Technologies Recalls Wood Stoves Due to Injury Hazard  — When the top load lid of the stove is being used, the handle can become disengaged from the locked position, allowing the lid to unexpectedly slam shut on the consumer’s fingers.

Fiddle Diddles Recalls Car Seat Strap Systems Due to Choking Hazard  — The carabiners attached to the strap system contain small internal parts that can become dislodged, posing a choking hazard to young children.

Target Recalls Halloween LED Gel Clings Due to Choking and Button Battery Ingestion Hazards — The gel clings can separate and expose the inner decal and LED/button battery compartment.

Makita Recalls Circular Saws Due to Laceration Hazard — Makita Recalls Circular Saws Due to Laceration Hazard

Peg Perego Recalls Children’s Ride-On Vehicles Due to Fire and Burn Hazards — A relay on the circuit board of the 850 Polaris Sportsman ride-on toy can fail causing the vehicle’s motor to overheat and ignite

Summer Classics Recalls Swivel Rocking Lounge Chairs Due to Fall Hazard — The seat bucket of the lounge chairs can break away from the base while a user is in the chair, posing a fall hazard.

TUSA Recalls Diving Computers Due to Drowning and Injury Hazards — The dive computer can malfunction and display an incorrect reading to the diver, posing a drowning and injury hazard due to decompression sickness.

Husqvarna Recalls Lawn Mowers Due to Laceration Hazard — The operator presence control bar can malfunction and cause the engine and blades to continue to operate when they should shut off.

Sherwood Marketing Recalls 3 Squares Rice and Slow Cookers Due to Fire, Electric Shock Hazards — The Tim3 Machin3 and Mini Tim3 Machin3 rice/slow cooker’s improperly installed wiring can cause electrical shortening.

Salewa North America Recalls Khion Ski Boots Due to Fall Hazard — The ski boots can inadvertently switch from “ski” to “walk” mode, upper cuffs can separate, and the carbon boot shell can crack.

LF Products Recalls Barstools Due to Fall Hazard; New Instructions Provided; Sold Exclusively at Bed Bath & Beyond — Screws on the barstools can loosen, posing a fall hazard to the user.

Roylco Recalls Educational Light Cubes Due to Fire Hazard — The educational light cube’s lithium polymer battery can overheat and catch fire. 

Samsung Expands Recall of Galaxy Note7 Smartphones Based on Additional Incidents with Replacement Phones; Serious Fire and Burn Hazards — The lithium-ion battery in the Galaxy Note7 smartphones can overheat and catch fire, posing serious fire and burn hazard to consumers.

Mamas & Papas Recalls Armadillo Strollers Due to Fall Hazard — The seat can  tip back unexpectedly when infant is in the parent facing position.

Specialized Recalls Road Bicycles Due to Injury Hazard — The bicycles rear wheel can come out of the dropout causing fractures in the rear triangle.

Wildhorn Outfitters Recalls to Repair Hammocks Due to Fall Hazard — Cinch buckles can fail, causing straps to detach from hammock.

Aqua Lung Recalls Powerline Inflators Due to Injury and Drowning Hazards — The inflation button can remain depressed and cause the buoyancy compensators to continue inflating, resulting in an uncontrolled ascent.

Summer Infant Recalls Infant Bath Tubs Due to Risk of Impact Injury and Drowning — Fabric slings on the recalled infant bath tubs can detach from the tub.

Gleason Recalls Hand Trucks Due to Laceration and Injury Hazards — The wheel’s plastic rims can break when over-inflated, posing a laceration or injury hazard.

Chimparoo Baby Carriers by L’echarpe Porte-bonheaur Recalled Due to Fall Hazard — The carriers’ side strap can loosen unexpectedly from the buckle, posing a fall hazard to the child in the carrier.

Sargent Art Recalls Craft Paints Due to Risk of Exposure to Bacteria — The paint can contain harmful bacteria. Exposure to certain bacteria can have adverse health effects in immuno-compromised individuals.

Interlogix Recalls to Inspect Personal Panic Devices Due to Failure to Operate in an Emergency — The wireless personal panic device could fail to operate and not communicate with the security system if activated in an emergency.

Office Depot Recalls Winsley Chairs Due to Fall Hazard — The chair can tip over when leaning back.

FULLBEAUTY Brands Recalls Children’s Nightgowns Due to Violation of Federal Flammability Standard — The nightgowns fail to meet federal flammability standards for children’s sleepwear, posing a risk of burn injuries to children.

Hallee Recalls Bed Canopies Due to Entanglement and Strangulation Hazards; Sold Exclusively at — A child can become entangled in the bed canopy, posing entanglement and strangulation hazards.

Glion Electric Scooters Recalled by Probity Cell Due to Fall Hazard — The frame of the scooter can break where the unit folds, posing a fall hazard.

If you, or a loved one, have been injured by a recalled product due to the product’s deficiencies and not because of misuse, you may be able to take legal action for compensation for medical bills and other costs related to the injury. Altizer Law, P.C. handles many product liability cases. Call us with your questions.