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New Technology for Cars

It is impossible to be unaware of new technology for cars. Many technologies introduced in recent decades have made us better drivers, safer drivers. Driver assistive technologies improve our defensive driving, helped us with navigation, and made many steps in driving automatic (turning on headlights, for example). We have more information about the road around us than ever before. We have preventive technology that warns us if we are about to do something that would result in an auto accident. We are close to reliable and reliably safe self-driving cars.

New Technology in Cars - Altizer Law PC

Two new technologies announced recently will be important in the future.

1.     Cambridge Mobile Telematics Claim Studio for Crash Reports

Claim Studio is a system installed in cars and other vehicles that would gather and report information about an auto accident within mere minutes after a crash. This company (Cambridge Mobile Telematics) created the technology currently installed in many vehicles that monitors your driving habits and to prepare narrative accident reports when the vehicle is involved in a crash. The technology is designed to report the essential basic information about the crash, speeds at which vehicles were moving, were there environmental factors present that could have led to or shaped the crash. It would also assess the severity of the crash.

The program would speed up the process of gathering this information from bystanders and analyzing the scene of the accident. It is expected to reduce information gathering so that police, insurance claims adjusters, attorneys and those involved can focus on understanding what happened and why it happened. The data can provide initial information about the crash quickly, enabling others to use the data to investigate and adjust reports to adjust a claim.


2.     Cars Becoming Smartphones

A number of technology companies have been called upon to help automakers develop autonomous vehicles. The collaboration is working, and the two have seen benefits from working together. The ability to cooperate effectively comes at a time when tech companies can develop a host of hardware and software applications and the automakers need new ways to generate revenue with the cars they manufacture. The cost of producing a car with the technology demanded continues to increase while cars are being kept and driven longer than before. The automakers need a reliable means of generating revenue throughout the life of the vehicle to compensate for dwindling sales margins.

Visions of ever-improving technology included in vehicles that make money for the automakers are generating a range of ideas. One is the ability to upgrade vehicle systems as needed over the same communication pathways as smartphones. Others foresee a vehicle that allows you to work from a complete office while remaining in your car. There are many dreams and variations on dreams of what your car can do in the future. But these conversations are also including thoughts about streaming video and dashboard commerce.

Some wonder in a time when distracted driving is a leading cause of highway fatalities if new distractions built into the hardware of your car’s electronics are really a good idea. What kind of safeguards and security will be needed to prevent hacking or reprogramming to use the technologies in different ways? This may be the time to ask if the ability to do something for the sake of convenience really should be done.

We would like to hear your thoughts. What do you think about these new technological possibilities for your vehicle? Please either leave a comment below or share your thoughts on our Facebook or LinkedIn Page.

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