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Maintain Your Vehicle – Be Safe

A great way to make sure your loved ones are safe is to make sure that your vehicle is safe.  A good annual check up can be a life saver.  Put it on your calendar so you will not forget.  Get the fluids topped off and old belts replaced.  Always make sure that your brakes are checked for wear and tear. Car TuneUp - Altizer Law


In addition to a first aid kit, some other emergency supplies that are good to keep in your vehicle are:

  •             Roadside Flares
  •             Bottled Water
  •             Flashlight and Extra Batteries
  •             Blanket
  •             Toilet Paper
  •             Sanitation Wipes
  •             Rain Ponchos
  •             Multi-purpose Knife
  •             Whistle
  •             Battery Powered Radio

We wish you safe travels.