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Keep Your Damaged Car Parts

If you have been involved in an automobile collision, it is important to preserve all of the evidence available to you.  This means EVERYTHING.  First things first – call the police.

Then, if you are injured, call a friend or family member and have them come to the scene of the collisiondamaged car parts to take pictures of your injuries, the damage to the vehicles, the scene of the collision, including up close pictures of the debris from the wreck.  It is always best to have someone else take pictures of the evidence for you as you may still be in shock and not know the extent of your injuries.  You do not want to injure yourself further at the scene.  It is very important that you get yourself medically checked out before attempting to gather evidence on your own.

Since accident debris can be cleaned up and crucial evidence cleared from the scene, it important to get someone you can trust to take pictures and collect any evidence as quickly as possible.  The type of things to be mindful of, to name a few, are:  1) broken eye-glasses left on the seat (need to collect before a totaled vehicle is taken to the crushing yard; 2) if you are alert and able to speak to the rescue crew or hospital emergency staff, make sure that any clothing that may have been cut off of you is preserved; 3) save any clothing that may have been ripped or torn at the point of impact; and 4) if your vehicle can be repaired, make sure that the auto body shop gives you the damaged parts they removed from your vehicle.

There also may be evidence in the hands of the insurance carrier or representative for the person who Altizer Law taglinecaused the collision, which you cannot readily obtain.  We have handled many cases where this has been the case and we have taken steps to make sure that the pertinent evidence is retained, so if you are in need of our assistance, please do not hesitate to call us.