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Is Your Insurance Carrier Treating You Right?

Is your insurance carrier treating you right? If not, you have the right to file a “bad faith insurance claim.”

Your insurance company, whether it is health, dental, automobile, or even homeowner’s coverage, is insurance bad faithobligated to treat you fairly and honor the contract.  Among other things, your carrier should provide you with timely and sufficient benefits.  In the case where you have been sued, your carrier is responsible for providing an attorney to defend you.  If your carrier refuses to act on your behalf, you have the right to file what is called a “bad faith claim.”

Take the situation where the at-fault automobile insurance carrier has offered their policy limits, but the value of the personal injury claim far exceeds the defendant’s insurance policy limits.  If you have coverage available to you in excess of the defendant’s policy limits, you can turn to your own insurance carrier to negotiate for excess benefits.  If your carrier refuses to pay you timely and sufficient benefits, they could find themselves on the losing end of a bad faith claim.

Another “bad faith” situation that policyholders have been faced with is the refusal of their automobile insurance carrier to pay for medical benefits under the “medical payment” coverage specified in the contract. If this happens to you, do not accept a denial of your claim. You have access to a legal course of action to recover the benefits promised in your policy.

If you have been injured and you do not believe your insurance carrier is not treating you right, we are here to assist you in recovering the benefits you are entitled to receive. Bad faith with regard to an insurance policy and claim is never acceptable.