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Ignored Hazard on Highways: Mowing Tractors

Many of us have ignored hazards on the highway, believing them to be insignificant dangers. One of the hazards we commonly ignore is the presence of mowing tractors in medians and beside roadways. Every driver knows that highways can be fraught with very dangerous hazards every day. After years of driving,Ignored Hazard on Highways: Mowing Tractor -- Altizer Law PC it is easy for us to become so accustomed to seeing some of these hazards that we take them for granted. One of these hazards is the mowing tractors we see along the highways.

One legal action that involved a mowing tractor was concluded in the last few weeks.

The plaintiff in this case was a 67-year-old woman. She was retired and she was a mother and grandmother. The plaintiff was driving behind a mowing tractor on a State Highway. The tractor was accompanied by a “shadow vehicle.” This driver was a witness to the crash.

The plaintiff moved into the passing lane legally. The driver of the tractor and the driver of the shadow vehicle both remained in their lane, traveling straight on the road. . . until the driver of the tractor made a sharp turn to the left without signaling. This put the tractor directly in the path of the plaintiff’s vehicle.

The ensuing collision pushed the plaintiff’s vehicle off the road. The vehicle then flipped, ejecting the plaintiff. When the vehicle eventually came to rest, it was on her head. This caused severe permanent injuries to the plaintiff. Among those injuries was traumatic brain injury.

The defendant driver of the mowing tractor argued that the plaintiff was contributorily negligent and caused the crash. They claimed that the plaintiff’s driving was unsafe. They further claimed that she failed to yield the right -of-way. The plaintiff argued that the tractor driver negligently turned the mower tractor into a clearly apparent trajectory of the plaintiff’s vehicle in the passing lane. Plaintiff also claimed that the tractor driver failed to yield the right-of-way to the plaintiff.

The plaintiff sustained permanent harm from her injuries. The case was settled out of court for $1,800,000 to the plaintiff.

This case is an example of the danger posed by roadside hazards that we may tend to overlook. It is a clear reminder that all drivers, particularly inexperienced drivers, need to be alert to all types of hazards when driving.

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