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How Accident Attorneys Can Help After a Virginia Car Accident

If you have recently been in a car accident, and you’ve either been injured or suffered great damage to your car, you may be wondering who can help. Specifically, you may wonder: can a car accident attorney in Southwest Virginia help? The answer is yes. A qualified Roanoke auto accident attorney can assist you in many ways after a serious accident that has been caused by another driver.

As an accident victim, you may be eligible to receive compensation you can use to cover medical expenses, car repair bills and lost income. However, many people in their haste and pain will take a settlement that is much less than the full value of their claim. Why? They don’t have an aggressive, experienced lawyer behind them. Don’t expect the insurance company to offer you the full value of your claim. They don’t operate that way. They will do everything they can to avoid paying you a full payout — unless they see you are serious about pursuing the case.

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After your auto accident lawyer in Southwest Virginia reviews the details of your car accident, they will explain to you your legal options so you can better understand the value of your claim. With the assistance of an attorney, you improve your chances of maximizing your claim and avoid getting pressured to settle for less than what you rightfully deserve.

A skilled lawyer can provide these services on your behalf:

Investigate All Contributing Factors to the Accident

They will investigate all potential contributing factors to your car accident. Sure, the cause of the accident may seem pretty clear, there could be many contributing factors, such as bad weather and road conditions, driver distraction, lack of signage, or even a vehicle malfunction. Your lawyer may work with an accident reconstruction specialist to fully understand how the accident occurred and why.

Determine All Responsible Parties

Your lawyer will point out all the contributing factors in an attempt to identify the potentially responsible parties who should be held liable for compensation. Let’s say the at-fault driver was driving a company vehicle at the time of the accident. Their employer may take some responsibility for the injuries you suffered. Or, if the vehicle malfunctioned, such as a tire blow out, the manufacturer could be found partially at fault.

Handle Insurance Company Adjusters

Your lawyer will handle communications with the insurance company while you concentrate on healing and getting stronger. Keep in mind, any information you give to the at-fault driver’s insurance company could be used against you to invalidate or minimize your claim. When you have a lawyer on your side who can deal with the adjuster, you can reduce the risk of your statement being misconstrued.

Estimate Future Medical Costs and Accident-Related Expenses

A lawyer will take a look at all accident-related expenses, and this includes estimated future medical costs. They will consult with your doctors to create an estimate on what your future expenses may look like, based on the extent of your injuries. If you don’t take the time to project future costs, you may very well miss out on compensation necessary to complete your rehabilitation and fully recover.

Deal with Hospitals or Debt Collectors

Hospitals and debt collectors will be knocking down your doors after an accident. The last thing you need is to worry about demanding hospital staff or debt collectors regarding payment of medical bills – especially when you’re supposed to be resting. Your lawyer will deal directly with the hospital and debt collectors and let them know of pending claims so no one harasses you further.

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