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Honesty is the best policy . . .

Common sense tells us that being completely honest and forthright with your health care providers is extremely important in order to obtain the best medical care possible.  A doctor’s ability to promptly and Honesty is the Best Policy
accurately diagnose a health problem could be hindered by a patient’s lack of total honesty regarding her medical history, symptoms, use of alcohol/drugs, etc.  Now, there is even more reason to be completely candid with your health care providers.

A Roanoke City Circuit Court judge recently held that an emergency room doctor sued for medical malpractice had a right to assert the defense of contributory negligence by the patient when the patient denied taking a specific drug prior to his arrival at the emergency room.  While the Virginia Supreme Court has never stated that the defense of contributory negligence cannot be claimed in a medical malpractice case, the Court has refused to allow the defense in a number of different circumstances.  It appears that dishonesty with your doctor regarding relevant medical history crosses the line, and may prevent a patient from recovering for the alleged medical malpractice of a health care provider.


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