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Hazing Hurts

This fall, many thousands of young adults will enter Virginia’s fine colleges and universities with the hope of becoming a member of a fraternity, sorority or other social club.  Being part of a community is very appealing to students who are suddenly surrounded by strangers and a new environment and beingend hazing - Altizer Law part of a social club can be a wonderful experience.  Unfortunately, some of those institutions still engage in the barbaric practice of hazing their pledges or those wishing to join.  No one should be subjected to acts, orders, or demands which place one in danger of being harmed or which humiliate, degrade, or belittle someone.

Hazing is against the law in Virginia.  Under Virginia law, “hazing” means “to recklessly or intentionally endanger the health or safety of a student or students or to inflict bodily injury on a student or students in connection with or for the purpose of initiation, admission into or affiliation with or as a condition for continued membership in a club, organization, association, fraternity, sorority, or student body.”  Va. Code Sec.18.2-56.  Hazing is a Class 1 misdemeanor.  Any person who has a bodily injury as a result of hazing has a right to bring a civil lawsuit against the person or persons who hazed him or her.

There is huge social pressure not to expose an organization which is hazing.  It is, however, extremely important to do so.  Hazing has caused many, many deaths.  The life you save may be your own.