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Girl Injured When Mother Crashes into Tractor-Trailer

On a September day, a woman drove down a highway with her 10-year-old daughter (plaintiff) riding in the back seat of her car as a passenger. At a distance ahead of them, a tractor-trailer stopped on the right shoulder of the highway. When the truck began to merge into highway traffic again, a collision occurredGirl Injured When Mother Crashes into Tractor-Trailer --Altizer Law PC of the car and the truck.

The older model truck was not carrying a “black box.” The black box in the car revealed that the car was traveling at 73 mph at the time of the impact. It also indicated that the car did not brake prior to impact. The driver of the auto had a distance of at least two football fields of sight when the truck began to re-enter the highway. The woman driving the car was cited for the accident.

The plaintiff was taken by ambulance to a nearby trauma center/emergency department. She remained in the hospital for three days. During this time, she was treated for several lacerations and fractures to her left forearm and an injury to the right leg. The primary injury was a traumatic Grade III perineal laceration, which was surgically repaired.

The plaintiff healed well from her injuries, and she was released from the doctor’s care within two months of the crash. The perineal laceration required additional monitoring. She was released from care for this injury within eight months of the accident.

The plaintiff’s treating physician testified that it was reasonable to believe that she would require no additional treatment for her injuries. However, she pointed out that if the plaintiff has a natural child birth, there would be increased risk of tearing.

The case was settled out of court for a total of $535,000. The insurer of the mother and her car was limited to $50,000. The insurer of the tractor-trailer driver paid $485,000. Due to the plaintiff’s age, the funds were placed in a structured account. The total payment for the injuries would then come to more than $1 million.

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