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Delivery Truck Accidents Increasing

The number of delivery truck accidents is increasing, as are the number of delivery trucks on our local and neighborhood streets. The “stay-at-home” orders associated with the COVID-19 pandemic have increased our dependence upon deliveries to our doors. We are ordering things online that we never thought of ordering, like groceries, medicine, meals, and more. Unfortunately, more delivery trucks on our streets are likely to mean an increase in accidents with delivery trucks.

Delivery Truck Accidents -- Altizer Law PC

The freight companies, delivery services, and store delivery vehicles are several sizes and shapes. Some of those shapes and sizes make the trucks difficult to drive and more difficult to park. The companies that own the trucks and services have several competitive promises, including ever-faster delivery times. There is great pressure on many of the drivers to make many deliveries in short periods of time. It is not unusual to see drivers running between truck and delivery point. Under these circumstances, many drivers do not park their trucks. They simply stop.

Leading Causes of Delivery Truck Accidents

  1. The pressure to meet deadlines leads some drivers to speed or drive recklessly on neighborhood and city streets.
  2. Illegal parking. Many delivery drivers double park and block driveways and even streets to save time. When other vehicles try to get around them, accidents happen.
  3. Sudden stops. The drivers typically know where they are going. They stop suddenly. Some drivers are unfamiliar with a delivery route and been in a car accident while they look for the right address.
  4. Sudden left turns. UPS does not make left turns because it saves time and fuel. All delivery companies do not follow this practice. Sudden turns often leave oncoming traffic no time to react or stop.
  5. Delivery drivers are subject to many distractions ranging from a conversation with a co-driver to checking a map or GPS device, getting information from a phone, or checking special delivery instructions.
  6. Inexperienced drivers. Many delivery and freight companies experience high turnover among delivery staff. These drivers do not have the experience to handle many problems.
  7. Poor loading. Incorrectly loaded cargo can shift unexpectedly and make it difficult to navigate some streets.
  8. Poor maintenance. Brake failures, tire blowouts, engine problems or defective parts on the trucks can easily cause accidents.
  9. Failure to Engage the Brake. Occasionally, several of these causes may combine and the driver fails to engage the brake before leaving the driver seat.
  10. Backing up. Delivery trucks can be difficult to manage when backing up simply because of the size and shape of the vehicle. Most dangerous is the blind spot behind the truck that makes it impossible for the driver to see people, bicycles, or children.

Why Delivery Truck Accidents are Complex

If you involved in a delivery truck accident, attend to your injuries, and contact a truck accident attorney. The complexity in delivery truck accidents is knowing who is liable for the accident and identifying all of the parties that may bear some part of the responsibility. The responsibility for the accident may rest with

  • Truck driver
  • Truck driver’s employer
  • Truck maintenance company and mechanics
  • Truck manufacturer and parts manufacturers

Call Altizer Law, P.C. after a Delivery Truck Accident

If you or a loved one has been injured in a delivery truck accident through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your hurts and harms. Bettina Altizer and her team have been helping people injured in vehicle accidents for more than 25 years. They understand all of the relevant liability issues and the injuries and damages you might suffer. They understand that when a claim is settled or a verdict is handed down, it’s about the money.