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Decedent’s Family Awarded $1.75 Million in Aftermath of Crash

Please never take your personal disputes on the highway.


In the aftermath of a serious car crash, caused by people continuing a personal dispute on the roadway, one young man was dead and another was sentenced to 20 years in prison. In the civil case, the family of the deceased man was awarded $1.75 Million.Decedent's Family Awarded 1.75 Million - Altizer

In this case, a personal dispute between the two men was continued on the road when one driver (defendant) swore at and threatened two men in another vehicle with a gun while stopped for a traffic light. The vehicle with two men (brothers) left the intersection and continued on their way. The defendant chased them over several rural roadways for about six miles. During this chase, defendant and his passenger threw objects at the decedent’s vehicle. Decedent continued to try to evade the defendant, but the pursuit continued.

In the final moments of the pursuit, the defendant appeared to be trying to hit the other vehicle and turn it around. In his efforts to evade defendant’s vehicle, the decedent’s right wheels left the pavement. Decedent lost control of the vehicle, resulting in the vehicle rolling over several times. When the vehicle rolled, both the decedent and his brother were thrown from the vehicle.

Defendant left the scene of the crash. Defendant also failed to report the crash or his involvement in it. Defendant was arrested by police more than a week after the crash.

This serious crash was one of many that could have been prevented. Had the defendant not pursued the decedent’s vehicle, carrying a personal dispute onto the roadway, there would have been no crash . . .  and no death.

The decedent survived the crash, but sustained a serious traumatic brain injury. After emerging from a coma several months later, he learned that he must learn to talk, walk, and swallow again. He became despondent, due to the injuries and effects of the crash, and believing them to be permanent. After seven months, he took his own life.

In a criminal case, the defendant was convicted of two counts of attempted murder. He was sentenced to 20 years of incarceration. When the civil case reached the courtroom a few months later,  the verdict was for the the family of the deceased, in the amount of $1.75 Million. Defendant’s insurance company refused coverage due to the clearly intentional actions of the defendant.

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