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Commercial Truck vs. Scooter

A recent Virginia injury case concerned a commercial truck vs. scooter accident. Two people were riding a scooter on a divided two-lane road. An 18-wheeler (refrigerated) commercial truck crossed the double yellow lines while rounding a curve in the road. When the truck crossed into the other lane, it struck the

Commercial truck vs. scooter

Photo by Navymailman, Flickr

scooter. An eyewitness, who was driving behind the truck, confirmed that the truck driver “cut the corner” and crossed the double         yellow line.

The driver of the scooter suffered only abrasions and a cut on his arm that required several stitches. The female passenger, however, suffered crushing injuries to both legs when the rear tires of the truck ran over her legs. She required multiple surgical procedures, including skin grafts to replace and repair lost skin. After surgery, she required external fixators for the leg surgeries, and she is left with permanent limited mobility. Because her career as a hair stylist would require long periods of standing, it remained unlikely that she would be able to resume her career.

The case was settled in mediation, paying medical costs for the scooter driver, and paying medical expenses, future lost income and diminished capacity for the female passenger. The total settlement was $1,050,000.