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Pittsylvania County Personal Injury Lawyer

Located in the beautiful Piedmont area of southern Virginia and on the border with North Carolina is Pittsylvania County. Within the borders of the County are 969 square miles of land and 9 square miles of water. The estimated 2015 population was 63,194 people; the population density was 64 people perPittsylvania County Personal Injury Lawyer - Altizer Law square mile.

The independent City of Danville is located within the borders of Pittsylvania County. There are three incorporated towns: Chatham (the County Seat), Gretna, and Hurt. Other unincorporated communities include:

Bachelors Hall



Chalk Level


Dry Fork




Mount Airy

Mount Hermon


Pickerals Crossing







Whittles Depot





Pittsylvania County is the largest county in Virginia by land area, and second-largest by total area. The northern boundary is the Roanoke River; passing through the center of the County is the Banister River; and to the South it is bordered by the Dan River.

Within Pittsylvania County is the largest uranium deposit in the U.S. It is the seventh largest deposit in the world.

Getting Around Pittsylvania County

Highway transportation in the County moves on several highways: U.S. Routes 29, 58, 311, and 360; State Routes 40,41,51,57, and 360. Pittsylvania County ranks fourth among all Virginia counties for the number of traffic fatalities in 2015.

Rural roads and driving conditions contribute to the number of car and small truck accidents. There are many other causes and contributing factors, as well. At Altizer Law, P.C., we understand how people feel when involved in a crash. In addition to the injuries, there are typically a number of other concerns: lost wages, lost income, medical bills, damage to a vehicle, and more.

If you are injured through no fault of your own, we can help you by representing you in either negotiation or lawsuit to ensure that you receive the maximum allowable financial settlement for all of your pain, losses and other harm resulting from the crash. If you are injured, call us. Bettina  can talk with you and evaluate your accident to determine probable liability, and if appropriate, will begin immediately to build the strongest possible case on your behalf. We have been winning car and truck injury cases for more than 25 years.


The name, “Pittsylvania,” was first intended for an English Colony located in what is now West Virginia. The Colony never came into existence. It was later called Vandalia. It would not have included Pittsylvania County.

Pittsylvania County Personal Injury Lawyer - Altizer Law

In 1767, land was taken from Halifax County to create Pittsylvania County. It was named for William Pitt, the First Earl of Chatham. Pitt was the English Prime Minister during 1766 -1768, and he opposed harsh policies for the Colonies. In 1777, land was taken from the western portion of the county to create Patrick Henry County.

Towns did not develop quickly in the County. Some have attributed this fact to a relatively small amount of economic activity and to the development of “plantation settlements” along the rivers, especially around the locations of a ferry. These settlements naturally became Pittsylvania County’s commerce centers.

When Pittsylvania County reached its current size in 1777, the county seat was located on Hickey’s Road. This grew into the town of Chatham. In 1782 a red brick courthouse was built facing the current courthouse. This area was a fertile agricultural area, and Chatham was surrounded by large tobacco plantations. The 1840 Census listed Pittsylvania County as first in tobacco production, second in corn production, and second in population – 26,398 people.

Until the great tobacco trusts came into existence, Chatham was a tobacco market. In 1861 there were three tobacco warehouses and three tobacco factories, which produced chewing tobacco. Today, industry in Chatham is two flour mills, a tag factory, and several large lumber companies.


The industries employing the largest number of people today in Pittsylvania County are: local government, manufacturing, health care and social assistance, retail trade, construction, and wholesale trade. The largest employers in the County are:

  • Pittsylvania County School Board
  • Unique Industries — one of the largest party supply manufacturers/ distributors in the world.
  • Swedwood Danville, LLC – a subsidiary of Ikea, this plant produces wood household furniture.
  • Pittsylvania County Board
  • Intertape Polymer Corporation — one of the largest tape and film manufacturers in North America and a recognized producer of woven coated fabrics.
  • Green Rock Correctional Center – State Prison for Virginia’s Western Region.
  • Debbie’s Staffing Services
  • Elkay Wood Products Co. — wood kitchen cabinet manufacturer
  • Food Lion
  • Owens Brockway Glass Contractors — a glass company that provides services such as shower door installation, window installation, glass block installation and other services.
  • Floor Care Specialists, Inc.
  • Times Fiber Communication — develops, manufactures, and exports cables, fiber optic management equipment, and interconnect products for cable television, satellite, data, and powering applications for broadband communication networks internationally.
  • Whittle Plywood
  • Gretna Health Care Center
  • Hickson Danchem Corporation — a specialty chemical contract manufacturer working with leading chemical and consumer companies worldwide. DTI recognizes the value of close cooperation and joint innovation, and specializes in finding solutions to difficult chemical problems.

Health Care

The health care and social services sector is a major employer in Pittsylvania County. In addition to Gretna Health Care Center, other top health care facilities include:

  • Chatham Health and Rehabilitation  Pittsylvania County Personal Injury Lawyer - Altizer Law
  • Centra Health
  • Prince Charles Homehealth
  • Care Advantage
  • Danville Association for Retarded Citizens

Most healthcare professionals are dedicated and competent individuals committed to helping others. Pittsylvania County’s professionals are no different. However, sometimes people are harmed by the mistakes or negligence of people entrusted with their care.

If this happens to you or to a loved one, call Altizer Law, P.C. We understand the frustration, betrayal, and loss people feel in these instances. After 25 years of helping people with Medical Malpractice and Wrongful Death actions, we not only understand your pain and loss, we are prepared to take action on your behalf to win the maximum allowable financial settlement for you. No financial settlement will undo what has happened, but it can help you recover much of the life you led prior to a malpractice event.


There are many stories to hear and things to do in Pittsylvania County. The County offers several walking Pittsylvania County Personal Injury Lawyerand driving tours, as well as nature guides for residents and visitors. Driving through the County offers a view of modern farming. A visit to Oak Mountain Wildlife Management Area is a wonderful place to take children of all ages. In addition, the tours will identify and tell the story of a number of historic buildings. Many of these buildings are open for tours.

The Dan River, Banister River, Roanoke River, and Pete’s Pod are popular spots for fishing and for canoeing and kayaking. What could be more relaxing than a day on the water? Or perhaps you are interested in attending a horse race?

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