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Unique Slices of Nature

The People of Giles County, a predominantly rural area, enjoy the beautiful the Jefferson National Forest and Mountain Lake, one of Giles county water activities - Altizer LawVirginia’s two natural fresh water lakes.  New River and the Appalachian Trail also course through Giles County where hikers and nature lovers enjoy God’s country.  Fishing, kayaking, and biking are the fun activities of those living in Giles County and others who travel to Giles County to enjoy its special unique slices of Nature.

Geocaching. Giles County also is a mecca for geocaching (pronounced geo-cashing) where the world plays a hide-and-seek game.  In Giles County, there are numerous cache sites to find with your GPS.


Giles County enjoys great tourism for these reasons, and many people come from all over Virginia and the country to enjoy Giles County’s beauty.

Accidents Happen

However, even in these natural and spectacular places, people make dangerous, thoughtless mistakes causing injury to others. Should you or a loved one suffer injury or death due to the wrongful actions of another on any Giles County Highway or on any Giles County waterway, please call us at Altizer Law, P.C.  We know the uniqueness of Giles County and its People.

We know that Giles county residents do not care for those who break the law and cause injury to others.  They stand up for what is right.  At Altizer Law, P.C., we have the experience to help you assess your situation, plan your recovery, and negotiate or file and prosecute a lawsuit to obtain the settlement to which you are entitled for your personal injury under Virginia law.

In Giles County during 2015, 186 reported crashes caused 84 injuries and 4 fatalities.

2015 Traffic Accidents Giles County - Altizer Law


Whether you work in manufacturing, education, government, health, or social services (as the vast majority of Giles County residents do), you are likely to travel US 219 or US 460 to and from work. Some of you will also travel State Route 42, Route 61, or Route 100. Unfortunately, accidents occur on all roads, when people are driving to or from their place of work, when shopping, or when traveling to a social activity. If you or a loved one should be injured due to the wrongdoing or negligence of another driver, call Altizer Law, P.C. We represent victims of wrecks caused by negligence, distracted driving, or drug or alcohol impairment with our utmost determination to obtain the best possible financial settlement under Virginia law.


The incorporated towns of Glen Lyn, Narrows, Pearisburg, Pembroke and Rich Creek are scattered amid large agricultural Giles county covered bridge - Altizer Lawareas. Local farmers raise beef and poultry, as well as the crops that feed their livestock. Accidents involving farm vehicles and cars or trucks on local roads are not uncommon. Nor are agricultural machinery or vehicle failures due to manufacturer malfunctions or defects. If you are injured on a farm, through no fault of your own, call Altizer Law, P.C. Our legal team has experience working with clients who have been injured in agriculture-related accidents. We will help you understand your legal rights and relentlessly pursue justice on your behalf.

Expectation of Safety

Residential structures, manufacturing plants, hospitals, government buildings, retail stores, and restaurants must be built and maintained to health and safety standards. When buildings are not maintained properly, and people are injured or killed due to the negligence of the property owner, the laws of Virginia governing “premises liability,” entitle you to recover just and appropriate compensation for your injuries or for your loss. If you or a loved one are injured or killed due to improperly maintained buildings or property, call Altizer Law, P.C. Bettina and her team are ready to help you recover just compensation.


Whether you live and work in Giles County, or you commute into or out of the county, you might work for Celanese Acetate, Chemical Lime Company, Jennmar Corp, GE Fairchild or Southern Tank Transport, or you work in utilities, government, or health care. You know how easily accidents happen on busy roads. You also know that Fishing in Giles County - Altizer Lawinjuries can be sustained on the job. You know that mistakes can be made in health care and that tragedy can result from defective equipment when you are hiking, camping, hunting or fishing.

Here to help you

Giles County is a beautiful and diverse county. Whether visiting, working, or residing in Giles County, you have access to the entire team of Altizer Law, P.C., to help you find your way back from the injury or loss you have suffered and recover just compensation under Virginia law.