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When many people in Alleghany County need a personal injury attorney they call Altizer Law, P.C. The County is located between the Alleghany Mountains and the West Virginia border. It includes 449 square miles (445 in land; 3.3 in water) of beautiful land in the shadow of the mountains. The census of 2010 Alleghany County Personal Injury Attorney - Altizer Lawplaced the population of the County at 16,250 people. The population density, based on an estimated population of 15,677 in 2015, was 35 people per square mile.

Part of Alleghany County is included National Protected Areas. Part is in the George Washington National Forest. Part of the County is also within the United States National Radio Quiet Zone.

The County is served by rail with service by Amtrak, which stops at the Clifton Forge station. Clifton Forge also serves as a major locomotive fuel facility for CSX Transportation. Trucking and passenger vehicle access to the County is offered by Interstate Highway 64, U.S. Routes 60 and 220, and State Routes 18, 42, 159, and 311.

The County Seat of Alleghany County is in the independent incorporated city of Covington. There are two incorporated towns: Clifton Forge and Iron Gate. Three census-designated places lie within the county, as well: Callaghan, Low Moor, and Selma. Other unincorporated communities include:

  • Alleghany
  • Backbone
  • Boiling Spring
  • Clearwater Park
  • Clifdale
  • Cliftondale Park
  • Crows
  • Earlehurst
  • Fairview Heights
  • Falling Spring
  • Griffith
  • Harrington
  • Hematite
  • Hooks Mill
  • IntervaleAlleghany County Personal Injury Attorney - Altizer Law
  • Iron Hill Springs
  • Jordan Mines
  • Kincaid
  • Longdale
  • Longdale Furnace
  • Mallow
  • Moss Run
  • Nicelytown
  • Oakwood Forest
  • Potts Creek
  • Rayon Terrace
  • Rich Patch
  • Rich Patch Mines
  • Stonewall
  • Sweet Chalybeate
  • Valley View
  • Westwood Place

Many of these communities are connected by “rural roads,” which can be particularly dangerous for drivers. In addition to the dangers of these roads, there are numerous hazards, ranging from poorly maintained roadways to animals crossing highways and farm vehicles entering roads at unexpected places. These conditions contribute to the number of car and small truck crashes. If you, or a loved one, are injured in a crash – which we hope never happens – call Altizer Law, P.C., for compassionate help and guidance through the treatment of your injuries. We provide aggressive representation to ensure that justice is done and that you recover fair and appropriate financial compensation for your injuries, your medical expenses, lost wages, and other hurts and harms.


Alleghany County was formed in 1822 from parts of Botetourt County, Bath County, and Monroe County (now in West Virginia). At the time, the majority of the population was focused in and around Covington. Alleghany County Personal Injury Attorney - Altizer LawBetween 2000 and 2010 the population of the County increased by 25 percent due to the City of Clifton Forge reverting to and incorporating as a town within the County in 2001.

During the early years, the local economy was built largely upon the production of hemp, which was shipped to Richmond, where it was used to produce rope. When demand decreased for hemp and prices began to fall, Alleghany County farmers began to produce grain, hay, and livestock.

It was during the Civil War that iron from Longdale Furnace gained much attention when it was used for the CSS Virginia (Merrimac). Iron production remained important to the local economy throughout the Second World War. Iron produced in Alleghany County was used in railroad construction, notably the C&O, and later in the production of armored vehicles during both the First and Second World Wars. The history of Clifton Forge, entwined with the history of the railroad and of production of iron military vehicles is recounted in great detail at the C&O Railway Heritage Center on Main Street in Clifton Forge.

Alleghany County provided more soldiers to the confederacy during the Civil War than it had voters. The County suffered greatly in the war due to its location and many years were required for recovery from the losses sustained.

Portions of the Town of Clifton Forge were originally built on a bridge in order to prevent flooding from a stream. The train yards in the town are extensive. The railroad was a major employer in the town for many years. In 1882 the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Co. named its new depot there “Clifton Forge” and with the coming of the railroad it became not only a railroad junction, but a division point. After this, growth was very rapid and in 1906 received a charter as an independent city.

Clifton Forge is known for the Jackson River, as it flows through the town, its mountain views and clear streams. One of Virginia’s original six state parks, Douthat State Park, was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Franklin D. Roosevelt Administration.

The Town of Iron Gate was predicted to be one of the biggest cities in the Commonwealth, but this did not happen. Iron Gate grew from the development of the iron industry, and in the late 1880’s a tannery was opened. The tannery operated until 1951.

The biggest energy for development of the local economy was the decision in 1899 by the West Virginia alleghany-county-rail-tracksPulp and Paper Company to locate a mill at Covington. The coming of the pulp mill also contributed to the growth of other industrial and interests.


From the West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company to Mead Westvaco, pulp and paper production remains a vital part of the economy of Alleghany County. Mead Westvaco operates both an extrusion and converting facility in Low Moor and the second largest paperboard mill on the East Coast in Covington.

Based on data from the 2010 Virginia Employment Commission’s report, the largest employers in Alleghany County are government (primarily local government) and health care and social service. The remaining top employing industries are manufacturing, accommodation and food service, retail trade, and construction. The average size of farms in the County is 163 acres.

The largest employers in Alleghany County (according to the 2010 Virginia Employment Commission report), are:

  1. Alleghany Highlands Public School Board
  2. HCA Virginia Health System
  3. County of Alleghany
  4. Westvaco
  5. Dabney S. Lancaster Community College
  6. Kissito Healthcare
  7. Alleghany Highland Mental Health Services
  8. Ggnsc Clifton Forge LLC — a skilled nursing care facility located in Clifton Forge
  9. Bacova Guild — Design and manufacture of accent rugs and floor mats. Also, suppliers of towels and bathroom curtains
  10. Americare Plus – home health care
  11. Kroger
  12. Boys Home of Virginia
  13. Hammond Mitchell, Inc. – Covington General Contractor
  14. McDonalds
  15. The Woodlands — Rehabilitation and Long-Term Care
  16. Bennett Logging and Lumber
  17. Town of Clifton Forge
  18. Kmart
  19. Sonoco Products Company — a global provider of packaging products and services, delivering innovative solutions to industrial and consumer businesses.
  20. SDH Services — Alleghany Highlands Community Services BoardAlleghany County Personal Injury Attorney - Altizer Law

Logging and related work, as well as manufacturing jobs can be dangerous. Should you or a loved one, be injured due to the wrongdoing or negligence of another, call Altizer Law, P.C., to help you if an insurance company fails to provide a reasonable and appropriate settlement for your injuries and harms. We negotiate with insurance companies every day. We can represent you to achieve the best possible outcome.

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Leading Attractions

For all who wish to understand the region’s history with lead production and with the railroads, two sites are of particular interest: the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Heritage Center and the Alleghany Historical Society. The historic Humpback Bridge (dating from 1857) was built with the center of the bridge 4 inches higher than the ends. It is now closed to traffic, but can be visited.

Alleghany County Personal Injury Attorney -- Altizer LawThe Alleghany Highlands Arts and Crafts Center has enriched the community for more than 30 years with its art gallery, shop for arts and crafts, and art classes. The Alleghany Highlands Arts Council has brought to the community an array of outstanding talent and performances in dance, music, theater, and more. The award-winning Masonic Amphitheater has gained attention from many parts of the Nation. The Clifton Forge School of the Arts offers opportunity and creative freedom to many area students.

The County justifiably calls itself “Virginia’s Outdoor playground.” The area offers panoramic views and abundant opportunities for all outdoor enthusiasts, whether sportspersons, campers, equestrians, birders, wildlife watchers, and more. From the 2,500 acre Lake Moomaw to 40 miles of the Cowpasture and Jackson rivers, to the historic 50 acre Douthat Lake, there are numerous spots for swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and fishing. Both these and other areas are occupied by numerous species of birds and wildlife. And hiking trails abound.

It is not surprising that residents and visitors consider Alleghany County a bit of paradise.

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