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Premises Liability

Roanoke Premises Liability

Injuries due to premises liability, commonly thought of as slip and fall accidents, are one of the largest causes of emergency room visits, and one of the most common type of workplace injury. They can arise from:

  • Wet floors
  • Falls from unsafe buildings or equipment such as scaffolding
  • Missing hand rails or inadequate handholds
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Uneven or cracked sidewalks
  • Substandard hallway or staircase rugs or floor coverings
  • Defectively designed or maintained daycare and playground equipment
  • Animal attacks on premises
  • Dangerous substances such as mold or toxic chemicals
  • Assaults, robbery, and rape due to inadequate security

Our Injury Law Firm Looking Out for Your Interests

If you slip and fall or if you suffer any type of serious injury, you are vulnerable. We are here to protect you and look out for your best interests by:

  • Talking with your health care providers
  • Helping manage your bills
  • Investigating sources of money and insurance
  • Negotiating your claim for the fairest compensation possible
  • Trying your case if necessary

At Altizer Law, P.C., we provide the kind of strong advocacy that you need when you have been the victim of an accident and injury or have a personal injury law suit.

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