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Other Personal Injury Matters

A number of personal injury matters do not result from car or truck crashes. Other personal injury matters result from improperly maintained premises (premises liability), damaged or defective products (products liability) or from dog or pet bite injuries. other personal injury matters - Altizer Law, P.C.

Property owners are required by law to maintain their property in order to protect the safety of those who may come onto the property. This responsibility includes such things as maintaining stairways, sidewalks, railings, proper lighting, etc. When you are injured because the owner of a property fails to properly maintain it, you may have the basis of a premises liability case. These injuries range from broken bones to head or spine injuries.

Manufacturers and sellers of all products for public purchase are legally responsible for the safety of those products. If you are injured due to a damaged or defective product, the manufacturer may be liable for your injury. In some products liability cases, sellers may be held liable if the product in question has been recalled by the manufacturer but not removed from inventory by the seller.

The Commonwealth of Virginia has in place a number of laws about ownership and control of animals on your property. These statutes range from leash laws to protecting the public from dangerous animals. Animal bite cases can become complex very quickly, depending upon the circumstances. Sometimes actions of the injured party are partly responsible for the animal bite. Our attorneys are available to talk with you and gather information about a dog or pet bite incident. Bettina can help you to assess probable liability for the event and the merits of legal action.

Altizer Law, P.C., has been helping clients obtain justice for premises liability, products liability, and dog and pet bite injuries for many years. If you or a loved one has been injured in one of these other personal injury matters, our entire team is ready to surround you with compassion and pursue appropriate legal action with aggressive tenacity.