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Family Law

When families are in crisis and the relationships within the family and with society can only be resolved with recourse to legal action, the changes are governed by the rules and laws in the area of Family Law. They are often represented by Attorneys who ensure the fulfillment of the law and protect the rights, responsibilities and future of the parties to the action and of their law - altizer law

The types of actions encompassed by the Family Law designation include:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Custody and visitation of minor children
  • Child Support and appropriate safeguards to ensure regular payment
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Order
  • Adoption
  • Emancipation of minor children
  • Domestic Partnerships
  • Paternity
  • Guardianship
  • Child abuse and neglect
  • Domestic abuse

Many of these matters are settled in a court of law. A growing number of these matters are resolved at lower cost, in less time, with less stress, and with greater privacy for all concerned through Mediation. In these instances the parties to the dispute agree to engage the assistance of a Certified Mediator to help them resolve their dispute.

Family Law -altizer law In addition to assisting you in resolving a legal matter your attorney will be able to help you make adjustments after the matter is settled. This might suggest changes to your

  • Power of Attorney
  • Advance Directive
  • Wills and Estate Documents
  • Restraining Orders
  • Protection of College Funds
  • Disposition of individual or joint possessions

In resolving matters of Family Law, whether you choose to resolve them in mediation or in a court of law, your Attorney will be able to help you in many ways. We do not recommend that people try to resolve these issues without legal counsel. Your attorney will help you think about issues you might overlook, the protections you would be wise to put in place, and the implications of your matter for minor children, aging parents, financial security and final disposition of property. We are here to help. Give us a call and schedule an appointment. Then let’s sit down together and talk about the issues and your needs and options.