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Bettina C. Altizer

Bettina Altizer is a trial attorney in Virginia. At the age of three, Bettina made the decision to become a lawyer. That decision never changed, never wavered. Fighting for others who have been wronged and hurt at the careless hands of another was her
destiny. She attended University of Virginia School of Law. After law school, Bettina began practicing with her father in Roanoke, Virginia, and formally accepted her destined role.

During her legal career, Bettina has litigated wrongful death and personal injury cases arising from motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, defective drugs and products, and motorcycle and trucking accidents. Bettina is the founder, owner, and president of Altizer Law, P.C. She has dedicated her life and her career to serving and advocating for

Long before Bettina was a champion inside the courtroom, she dominated the sport of powerlifting. The multiple World champion and World record holder was considered the strongest, drug-free powerlifter pound for pound during her competitive career. Bettina brings that same champion spirit to the courtroom. She is fiercely committed to providing excellent legal counsel to her clients. What it is all about — to right the wrong and to get her clients a full cup of Justice.

One of Bettina’s passions is applying all that she has learned and experienced in the attainment of excellence in sport and the study of health, well-being, and flow performance to the practice of law and to trial practice. She is on a relentless path and
pursuit of human optimization and the discovery and application of the cutting-edge methods of law practice and trial advocacy. This journey has led her to study to discover, uncover, and unleash a trial methodology that embraces the optimized lawyer and her full abilities to influence and persuade.


1988, Ohio
1990, Virginia

Law School

University of Virginia, J.D., 1988


University of Virginia, B.A., 1985


Virginia Bar Association
Federal Bar Association
Virginia Trial Lawyers’ Association
Roanoke Bar Association

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